Tuesday, December 1, 2009

drunk flight attendant

drunk flight attendant?
Did you hear in the news about the flight attendant who had to be removed from a plane, and the flight was canceled, because she was drunk? This happened at the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky. In this era of heightened airport security and stricter clearance rules, how is it possible that a flight attendant can so easily gain access into the pilots' lounge? doesn't anybody have a sense of humor? fight amongst yourselves for best answer
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1 :
I am not surprised after hearing that two NASA astronauts were drunk. Where is this world headed?
2 :
I don't think any airport should serve liquor to ANY airport employee, whether or not they are arriving to get on a plane, or departing one to head home. It looks bad for the airlines to have soused employees in the airport. Let them drink at home or in a bar.
3 :
They should have just removed the attendant not cancel the flight, you don't throw out the whole bag of apples because one went bad.
4 :
If you have a problem with alcohol, it doesn't matter what job you have, or who sells you the alcohol. It's a problem that you need to have treated.

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