Saturday, November 14, 2009

drunk flight attendant

drunk flight attendant?
Did you hear in the news about the flight attendant who had to be removed from a plane, and the flight was canceled, because she was drunk? This happened at the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky. In this era of heightened airport security and stricter clearance rules, how is it possible that a flight attendant can so easily gain access into the pilots' lounge? I guess that nobody got the joke. pick for yourselves a best answer.
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1 :
Good question. I guess there are still some improvements needed.
2 :
who knows they focus so much on the terrorists that they sometimes forget about the most obsious things.
3 :
Maybeshe was a guest, but still your right, What is wrong with people?
4 :
Probably because shes a flight attendant, and her job is important to the proper running of an airplane. Besides, they let astronauts fly drunk, whats wrong with letting a flight attendant fly wasted? Can anyone say; 'mile high club'?
5 :
come on. if pilots can fly drunk, then why can't the flight attendant. only way were going to stop them is to do a Breathalyzer test before they board. i don't believe the airport is to strick, if anything, they need to be stricker.

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