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Need some advice: should I keep writing this book, or start again from scratch

Need some advice: should I keep writing this book, or start again from scratch?
Okay, just for a first note: this is just a rought outline of the story. this is supposed to have a hint of mystery and I did not list all of the details of the story because I don't want this thing too long. And I know it sounds like Maximum Ride a tiny bit, so don't bother commenting if you're just going to tell me that, thank you. Also, I'm only 13, so cut me a tiny bit of slack if it sounds dicey. Jackie Wolf - main character Devin Wolf - Jackie's brother Coal Shay - Jordan and Devin's old friend Jordan Cooper - Devin and Coal's old friend who went missing a long time ago with no warning Violet Flore (Emily Shay) - Coal's sister who went missing with her father when their house exploded, killing their mother Charles Flore (Thomas Shay) - the scientist behind everything including Jackie's flight ability. Jackie wakes up in a strange hospital in Chicago where she overhears that her doctor, Dr. Flore, wants to kill her before she can escape and tell the world about his secret organization. He steals one last vial of her DNA before she escapes with her brother Devin, a 16 and 14 year old roaming the streets of Chicago alone. Devin takes her back to the orphanage he lives at, explaining that their parents were killed by a mysterious murderer when they were younger. After meeting Coal, and hearing what he has to say about things, she becomes confused and wishes to leave, start over where she isn't worrying about anything but school work and how her hair looks. She steals two hundred dollars from the orphanage, feeling bad about it and takes a train to Port Huron, Michigan from Chicago, getting a fake ID that says she's 16. She meets a boy named Alex White on the train who gives her a ride home in his cousin Danny's car. She lives in Lexington, meeting a girl named Bridgette and a boy named Logan who help her out and give her a place to stay under the gazebo by the gas station. The longer she stays in Lexington, the more time she spends with Danny, and the more she gets to like him. She goes to school for a few months when a helicopter swoops in over Lexington and two people jump out, a man and a woman, and steal Danny just as Jackie and Danny are about to kiss. The woman tells her she has three days to get to New York City or Danny, Coal, and Devin will be dead. She uses the remainder of her money to buy a train ticket from Port Huron to Aberdeen, Maryland where she doesn't have any more money, and she only has two days left to get to New York City. While sitting on the edge of a rocky shoreline cliff in Maryland, she discovers her amazing ability of flight. She flies all the way to NYC where she kills Flore and learns his true identity, Thomas Shay, also known as Coal's father, and Violet Flore is Coal's sister, Emily. Emily then leaves with Jackie's DNA, and Jackie has a slight idea of what she could do with it... Sorry it's so long. I'm missing a lot of information still, but I don't know if this is even worth writing... I mean, so far it's 90 pages long (90 pages as if it were a book the size of Gone by Michael Grant) with 5 or 6 chapters... and I already have the entire series planned out; I've been working on this outline since I was 9 I'm also contemplating whether or not the whole flying concept is cliche because it comes along so suddenly... I mean, there will be clues throughout the story mentioning that she can fly, but she doesn't realize it until the end. I've also already planned out all five books in the series, all the way down to Juliette's death. So, please just help me out by telling me if you like it or not, thank you!
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It sounds pretty interesting. I would have to read it to see how you put in the flight thing to decide if it's cliche or not (from this short descibtion, it DOES sound like it was tossed in there for convenience, but like you said, you didn't put in all the information). If you alread know what you're doing and if you like it so far, then do it!! Get people you know to read it even and get their opinion on it. Answer mine!!;_ylt=AkBpg4A3.t6KqMQi6CdSccXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100712130812AA2xJxq

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