Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did anyone else...

Did anyone else...?
find the Emmy's distasteful last night in the opening scene, considering what occured in Lexington, KY with the Comair flight on Sunday morning. I am a memeber of that community and I really think that they had time to make other arrangements, and show some respect for those families. What do you all think? I understand that it was prerecorded, however it was live. They could have removed that sequence. I guess it really has to be part of your life, before it really offends. And we all have been walking around on egg shells. We lost many of our family and friends.
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I totally agree. I hate all of those stupid self-congratuatory shows and don't understand why Americans are so fascinated by them.
2 :
They filmed that sequence three days earlier, and there was NO way to know that there would be a horrible plane crash right before the show came on. Also, it was VERY OBVIOUSLY intended as a spoof on "Lost", not just a "generic" plane crash. To be upset about a TV opening scene (under the circumstances), you almost have to be looking for something to be offended about. (Unfortunately, there's WAY too much of that around, nowadays...) We're all sorry to hear about the tragedy, of course...and the community is in our thoughts are prayers.
3 :
it was pre-recorded. Stuff happens. If we all walked on egg shells all the time nothing would get said or done. Im sorry for your loss if you had one.

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