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Problem with my clutch or transmission... need serious help

Problem with my clutch or transmission... need serious help.?
Ok I have a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon SE with the 6 spped manual transmission. Now then, I was driving about 210 miles from Hopkinsville, KY to Lexington, KY. About half way I pulled into Wal Mart to go use the restroom. When I slowed down and went into the lower gears I noticed that there was an odd sound. I wish I could describe it but it was very odd. It almost sounded like if u had your brakes slight pushed down and if they were old they'd make that kinda grinding sound. That's kind of close to what it sounded like. When I was done there and started driving again, I noticed that the car was having a hard time going after putting it in gear. Almost as if you tried going and you were letting off the clutch but didn't apply enough gas. It would do that for the first 4 gears, then when I got up to speed back on the interstate, the noise would go away. I finally got to Lexington and the noise was a lot worse. Louder, sounded more rough, and my car had even a harder time trying to get up and go, so I pulled into a parking lot. I was making the turn and I started to let off the clutch and about half way the clutch all by itself just slammed into the. My car knocked really hard and the clutch was stuck to the floor. Eventually I was able to force the clutch off the floor and fully released. I tried to push the clutch down but now it won't move at all. So now I'm stuck in Lexington with a broken car. It's looking really pricey to just get it looked at so I'm in dire need of some help. And to make things worse, I have to be back in Hopkinsville on Monday (15Jan2010) because I'm in the Army and I have to catch a flight the next day to return to Afghanistan. So things are kinda urgent. Much help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You! Oh and also before my clutch took a dump, when I pushed the clutch down there was a little more resistance and it wasn't as smooth. It was very noticeable. When it take a dump there was an odd odor. Didn't smell like anything was burning just an odd smell. And the noise I described earlier completely stopped.
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First thing. Thank you for your service to our Country. 8+ years myself. (Army also) My first thought would be to check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder. (if it's a hydraulic clutch) If it's a cable actuated clutch, the cable may have broken, or the bolts holding the cable to the trans-axle may have come loose, or fallen out during your long drive. I seriously doubt you blew your clutch up durring a long highway drive. That's usualy something that happens while driving like an idiot in down town traffic or racing other people. I wish I could be of more help, but I'm more of a Chevy guy, as you can tell by my avatar 96 Camaro. I wish you the best. ADDED: It could also be the slave cylinder on the side of the transmission has come loose. (easier fix)
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Sounds like a possible throw out bearing gone bad.Either way trans has to come out to fix.You need to make an appointment with a qualified tech for this one.Let him diagnois problem.,b u t by what you described its in the clutch or t.o.b.PS ,THANKS FOR SERVING !
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a grinding sound you say? it could be the throwout bearing.
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Most of it sounds like a clutch problem, especially a "popped spring" (see first source). What worries me more is the engine misbehavior, particularly because the excessive drag may mean that the gearbox may be in trouble. I recommend a check of the lubricant level (even quick-lube shops can do that). If the lube level is low the gears may have already been spalled, but bringing the lube up to the right level - if that is the problem - should get you through the short term.

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