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What is the cheapest way to fly and stay in Lexington, Kentucky

What is the cheapest way to fly and stay in Lexington, Kentucky?
I am a broke graduate student attending a conference, flying from DC/ Baltimore/ Reagan and looking for the most affordable way to fly to and stay in Kentucky for two nights. Any suggestions? I tried, and searched for hostels but cannot find anything incredibly helpful (flights are about $240US (rt) and hotel seems exorbitantly high). Thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions!
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There are two options to go: 1. Book a package of flight and hotel in one of the larger travel sites (Expedia/Travelocity/Orbitz/Priceline). provides some comparisons for such request and you could use it to figure out the best travel time/location. 2. Book a flight through the Priceline NYOP. You set the travel dates and airports, but the flight times are uncertain (can be 00.00 or 23.59). You should bid at least 30% lower than the best fare you found, to offset the risk of timing/connection flight (highly unlikely in your route, but still). When you know your exact flight time, book your hotel using the Priceline NYOP. You can see a deal database here: with Lexington, KY starting at $40 for 2* and $50 for 3* I would have bid $140 (~$175 inc taxes) for a flight to Lexington, and then bid <$50 for a 3* hotel, bringing the total cost to ~$300 inc all fees. You could use iBidlow to see which potential hotels are available on each Priceline zone:

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