Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where can I find the potential cost of a flight

Where can I find the potential cost of a flight?
I'm going to be going on a flight from Lexington, Ky to Orlando, Florida sometime in early July and I'm not sure where I can go to get a good estimate and maybe a good deal
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google "cheap flights"
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3 : I use them to fly to Cali from Nashville on Frontier and we paid $250 pp round trip. Good Luck!
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You can use websites like Kayak to find prices of different airlines, but low-fare airlines aren't listed on websites like that, and they are where you'll usually find the best deals. Allegiant and AirTran are two low-fare airlines that offer nonstop flights from Lexington to Orlando. AirTran only offers flights to Orlando four days a week, Allegiant offers them five or six days a week. Depending on what your dates are Allegiant is offering the lowest fare of the two right now ($79.99 one way). I recommend keeping an eye on both airlines' prices over the next six to eight weeks to see how they fluctuate, but I can tell you that I really like Allegiant, I have flown with them to Orlando numerous times (in fact I'm flying to Orlando with them in three weeks).

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