Tuesday, April 7, 2009

drunk flight attendant

drunk flight attendant?
Did you hear in the news about the flight attendant who had to be removed from a plane, and the flight was canceled, because she was drunk? This happened at the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky. In this era of heightened airport security and stricter clearance rules, how is it possible that a flight attendant can so easily gain access into the pilots' lounge? I'm sorry that nobody got the joke here.
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News reports are often inaccurate. The whole story will come out over the next week or so. Your questions about her having access to the pilots' lounge is a baffling one. (DRY SARCASM) First of all, airports usually have crew rooms that are accessible to all flight crew members. Second of all, are you suggesting that is where she became intoxicated? (MORE DRY SARCASM) (back to real story) According to reports, she was drinking Jack Daniels from the on-board liquor inventory. Also, her BAC was reportedly .032, which is well below the .08 legal limit in Kentucky and the FAA's .04 limit. As she was being removed from the aircraft, she is alleged to have told the captain, "You're dead!" It's quite possible that this woman has a medical or mental condition that manifested itself on board the aircraft and the addition of alcohol did not help. The good thing is that the correct thing happened. She was removed from the flight. Even though the flight was canceled (Aircraft with up to 50 seats require at least one flight attendant), all passengers were accommodated on other flights. It's a strange story and would be interesting to find out all of the facts.
2 :
What's all the fuss about? I'd be more concerned if it was the pilot LOL

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