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Leaving bags at a hotel in NYC

Leaving bags at a hotel in NYC?
I'm going to be staying at a hostel on my next trip to NYC, and I definitely don't want to leave my bags there, I've heard from several people who've had things stolen at this particular hostel. I've heard that a lot of people just check their bags at a different hotel every day, saying they want to leave them there so they can do sightseeing until their check in, then pick them up in the evening, saying they'd left them there so they could sightsee until their flight. I'd be dropping them off in the morning around 8-9 and picking them up at 10 or 11 pm. Are there hotels that this wouldn't work at? I'm assuming the Plaza and other more ritzy hotels, but I'm talking the Marriott on Lexington or something more middleground. I'd be tipping the people and everything, I just figure it's cheaper than having to buy all new things. Thanks! Yeah, I'm staying in a 10 girl room, and don't know any of the girls. There are luggage storage places? That's so weird, everyone I've talked to told me there haven't been since the 70s or 80s. Maybe they were just talking about lockers. And yeah, I've stayed in a million hotels, in a lot less safe places than New York, I wouldn't be worried about that. :)
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If you lock your hotel room door, nothing should be stolen. If something is stolen, you have to assume it was a maid, because they are the only people with keys to your room. I've been to so many hotels and never had a problem (even in NYC).
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She said HOSTEL not hotel. So those are rooms shared with strangers, right? I actually read that in NY a lot of hotels allow you to keep your luggage there even if you're not staying, as long as you pay a fee. Maybe you could try phoning up/emailing some Hotels that are nearby. There are also luggage storing facilities in various places where your stuff is guaranteed to be safe. That costs money too but like you said it would be less than buying new stuff and also worrying that you'll be caught out and have to leave your bag at the hostel in the end. edit: yes there are places to leave luggage especially in busy cities with lots of tourists. Although you will have to check because I did hear some had closed because of worries that terrorists would use them.. You could even try the train station if that has one, they usually do. Sorry to bring up the terrorism thing, hope you have fun on your trip : )
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hi, i dont believe that you can store your luggage at a hotel any longer if you werent a guest there. i feel that this is a good policy for security reasons. the Plaza has been closed for a while now, so that wouldnt work either.
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I stayed in a hostel in New York, shared like you will be and had no problem leaving my luggage at all. I just made sure it was locked and placed a towel strategically over it, and most importantly took anythig of value that I just couldn't live without with me. Anyone who pinches stuff from others staying in a hostel would have to be a bit of pond scum, becuase most people don't stay in hostels for the sheer delight of the experience (although I will admit I did, just to say that I had done it once) they normally dont have a whole pile of cash. I really wouldn't worry too much about leaving your gear as anyone I have ever spoken to that has stayed in a hostel (US, europe, asia etc) has never had a problem. Have a great time with the trip!

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