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Airline ticket pricing

Airline ticket pricing?
I'm looking at a oneway flight from Albany, NY to Lexington, KY on April 12th. Currently that flight is priced at $91. The problem is, I won't know if I need the flight until April 2nd. I know the price will probably go up if I wait until the 2nd to book, but how much is it likely to go up?
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A lot of special offers like that usually run for around 30 days. I would check out travelocity or expedia and read the fine print. It could jump alot because Lexington is not a very big airport. Enjoy you're stay in my fair state.
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i dont know. try or buy a refundable ticket, then if you find that you dont need it, return it, or find a cheaper ticket, exchange it,
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Mine jumped $50 dollars when I waited 30 days to the last 2 weeks
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If you booked today, it'd be 21 day advanced purchase. If you book Apr 2, that'd be 7 day advanced purchase. So to get an idea of how much that would cost, check the fare for Mar 29 to get an idea. Of course, this is assuming the fare structure stays the same and those seats are available.
5 : click book travel, then enter your date and destination-you can check any price by date
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The rule of thumb is that you need to book 21 days in advance of travel in order to get the best deal. This means you should book no later than March 28. However, if you think the $91 fare is fair and reasonable, you should just go ahead and book now as it's possible the fare -- for a variety of reasons -- will go up. Of course it is also possible the fare will go down but as a very general rule of thumb, the fare is more likely to go up rather than down the closer you get to your departure date.
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Its very difficult to say or predict on what kind of jump it will take.....but yes ---there is also a chance that you land up with any kind of offers or any last minute deals with any website or airlines - so all the options are there.... lets see what best you get...any way all the best for the same...

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