Thursday, October 1, 2009

Would you Buy this

Would you Buy this?
I used to work for Delta Air Lines , At that time i collected Billy Donovan ( UF Basketball Coach ) Ticket along with his father Bill Donovan those 2 Tickets were never used since they were able to sit where ever they wanted on the flight . The Tickets were for the Flordia Gators Men's Basketball National Championship team to Travel back to Gainesville Florida after playing there last game at Rupp Arena on UK Senior Night. Boarding Passes are in GREAT Condition! and are worth who knows how much WHAT HISTORY! (Picture is not of Boarding Pass only Example) $$BEST OFFER$$ Listed at Lexington, KY. E-mail at Thanks Colin Jenkins for the wonderful comment . Next time you have a IDEA Keep It !
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I don't waste money on stupid garbage.
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Wouldn't it be better to auction these off on ebay? Ebay has protections for both the buyer and seller. Yahoo! Answers does not provide those safeguards.

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