Saturday, November 7, 2009

drunk flight attendant

drunk flight attendant?
Did you hear in the news about the flight attendant who had to be removed from a plane, and the flight was canceled, because she was drunk? This happened at the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky. In this era of heightened airport security and stricter clearance rules, how is it possible that a flight attendant can so easily gain access into the pilots' lounge?
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1 :
Maybe coz she's like... totally popular or something, omg!
2 :
LMAO...dude fly attendant is nothing to compare NASA astronauts were drunk and fly :). and NASA has much more tighter security than airports. does it ring the bell for you?
3 :
You think the pilot's lounge must be where a flight attendant gets his or her drinks? How about the bars in the airport? The bars outside the airport? Her hotel room? Come on.....
4 :
I saw your question and began reading online about the situation. Honestly I'm a bit confused over what happened and how she was "allegedly drunk." I am a flight attendant for an airline and it is explicitly listed as an FAR (Federal Air Regulation) that no member of inflight crew can be above .04% BAC though airlines are entitled to stiffen the regulation. Further, no crewmember is permitted to drink for 8 hours before they show up to work. Apparently this FA admitted to drinking "ONBOARD" thus violating the 8 hour window where drinking is not permitted which explains why she was still removed from the aircraft even though she was only a .032, below the FAR limit. I know we are automatically fired if we have .04....and unfortunately I cannot find the list of other levels of discipline for BAC's a bit lower...but of course if we were drinking within the 8 hour window we would surely be fired as well! Hopefully that clears up a bit! Nowhere did I find any infortmation about this FA accessing the pilots lounge---she was removed from the plane where she threatened the captain, she was supposed to be working on that plane, so she was supposed to be there. (I also don't know of "pilots' lounges" being only for pilots...we have crew lounges--where we all can go--alcohol free--for rest, checking email, charging a cell phone...etc)

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